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  • The Harrell Family and the Mehitibel Mess

    My Harrell Family roots My husband will tell you that I have spent several hours every day during the past 2-3 weeks consumed with researching my Harrell Family line. He is correct that I have done little else during this time. It seemed that the more I browsed and read whatever I could find online about this family, the more confused I became. There were just … Continue reading

  • Honoring Our Family Heros

    Remembering Those Who Served I awoke this morning thinking of my dad, my granddad, and other family members who served our nation. As I think about these everyday heroes who are no longer with us, I want honor and thank them and all of the other men and women who sacrificed to defend this country and its citizens. I am grateful to these amazing people who loved me and helped me … Continue reading

  • Evidence Explained and the Shootout in Oklahoma Territory

    AUTHOR’S NOTE: This post was originally submitted as homework to DearMyrtle‘s ESM’s QuickLessons Study Group on 22 Mar 2016. OuickLesson 2: Sources vs. Information vs. Evidence vs. Proof What do you think? Does the man in the photo look like a killer? Hopefully, QuickLesson 2 will guide me through a process that will help me better understand a harrowing event in my great-grandfather’s life. In first … Continue reading

  • Don Sroufe, man of many aliases

    R. L. Marshall, known as Don Sroufe When my paternal grandmother, Lillian Florence Howle, married Robert Lee Marshall, Jr. in Beckham County, Oklahoma, on 28 February 1924, she did not realize how profoundly he would change her life. In that first year of marriage, she would become pregnant and give birth to my father a mere eleven days before she and “Bob” would mark their first wedding anniversary. … Continue reading