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  • Some Gifts Just Keep on Giving

    A Christmas surprise Last Christmas, our grandson received a very special gift from his great-aunt Trisha. She had made him a teddy bear that he calls, “Special Bear.” That name is perfect because his great-aunt had used family heirloom quilt tops to construct the bear (see Image 1). This is a story of how “Special Bear” came to be. But, it’s mostly the story of the fascinating woman, Kate Emeline Harrell, who originally hand-stitched the quilt tops … Continue reading

  • The Harrell Family and the Mehitibel Mess

    My Harrell Family roots My husband will tell you that I have spent several hours every day during the past 2-3 weeks consumed with researching my Harrell Family line. He is correct that I have done little else during this time. It seemed that the more I browsed and read whatever I could find online about this family, the more confused I became. There were just too many family members with the same given names … Continue reading

  • Honoring Our Family Heros

    Remembering Those Who Served I awoke this morning thinking of my dad, my granddad, and other family members who served our nation. As I think about these everyday heroes who are no longer with us, I want honor and thank them and all of the other men and women who sacrificed to defend this country and its citizens. I am grateful to these amazing people who loved me and helped me to become the person I am today. I am also … Continue reading

  • Evidence Explained and the Shootout in Oklahoma Territory

    AUTHOR’S NOTE: This post was originally submitted as homework to DearMyrtle‘s ESM’s QuickLessons Study Group on 22 Mar 2016. OuickLesson 2: Sources vs. Information vs. Evidence vs. Proof What do you think? Does the man in the photo look like a killer? Hopefully, QuickLesson 2 will guide me through a process that will help me better understand a harrowing event in my great-grandfather’s life. In first half of QuickLesson 2, Ms. Shown Mills offers descriptions … Continue reading